Gaining engagement through persuasion

Persuasion Starts with Listening

As a child, I remember hearing the words “because I said so,” in response to questions asked of my parents. Of course, the questions were often why I had to do something I didn’t want to do. Rather than explain, the fallback was “because I said so.” I found that irksome and made a pledge that my children would never hear that phrase . . . and, they rarely did!

words matter words have power

Words Matter: Make Communication Reflect Intentions

“Words matter,” have been on the lips and fingertips of many. My own response: “true that,” yet has the phrase been defined, let alone put into action? What does it mean anyway? For me, it means carefully selecting words and phrases that both reflect what is intended and will begin to heal the great divide in our country.

Having spent the better part of this nascent year reflecting on words, intentions and healing the divide, two examples of what not to communicate spring to mind.

The Sting of Emotional Communication (And the Importance of Using Neutral Language in the Workplace)

Repurposed from Diana’s Amazon #1 Bestseller, Consequential Communication in Turbulent Times, a Practical Guide to Leadership   We humans are a bundle of many things. We are intellectual, rationale, and emotional beings. A good rule to follow in the workplace is that “it’s okay to have emotions, since we all do, and it’s okay to…