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Make It Easy for Them to Say Yes: Communication Tips to Make it Happen!

Communicate, communicate, communicate and over-communicate: Do whatever it takes to break through in these “very interesting times.” Whether it’s the global pandemic, the daily bombardment of “news,” fake or real, or just the discomfort of adjusting to a new normal, it’s vital that we understand first, and are understood second. So much in society today…

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Humility and Compassion Counts: Communication Tips in these Turbulent Times

Communication Counts – moment-by-moment, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. This is truer now in these turbulent times – an international pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and “incoming” on social media. Uncertainty abounds, sensitivities are heightened, virtual meetings are ubiquitous, and the opportunities for miscommunication are multiplied. This presents an opportunity to assess how we communicate, what we…

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