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two women shaking hands after skill-based hiring

Three Tips for Skill-Based Hiring

In a September 2016 Forbes magazine article, an internationally known recruiter (Jorgen Sundberg) was quoted as saying that the cost of onboarding an employee is $240,000.00, while the Department of Labor indicated that the cost of a bad hire was 30% of her or his annual wages. The article went on to state “While the…

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Ripple on a silence pond

The Power of Silence

A good facilitator makes it look easy-breezy, which is part of the magic. If the facilitator has accomplished this feat, then she is good! When one goes and graduates from “facilitator training school,” as I have, the first lesson is that “it takes twice as long to prepare, as it does to deliver.” Fortunately, over time and with practice, the preparation time is cut down considerably.

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I'm Sorry in blocks

The Two Most Difficult Words in the English Language: I’m Sorry

“It’s not if we make mistakes; rather, how we handle them,” to (not very humbly) quote myself. Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Years: When I goof, saying “I’m sorry” stands alone, and is powerful. Providing an explanation serves to dilute the apology, and often reads as an excuse, a la, “Sorry I’m late; I ran…

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Communication “How-to’s” for the Virtual Meeting Initiators

Thirty days ago, many of us were just learning to communicate virtually. Fast-forward one month, and we’ve all become experts! Maybe not experts; however, the comfort level has risen dramatically, and our once unscheduled days have become full of GoToMeetings, SKYPEs, Zooms, Google Chats and the like. I, for one, have three standing virtual meetings…

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Banish the Fear and Stress: Communication in the Covid-19 Era

In these turbulent times,* fear and stress can be our constant companions. This blog focuses not on whether we experience fear and stress; rather, how we communicate with others when feeling these emotions. *Last year, when I wrote Consequential Communication in Turbulent Times, a Practical Guide to Leadership, little did I know we would be…

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Walking the Dog: Communication Etiquette

Communication happens all the time, whether we know it or not, and whether we like it or not. And, whether intended or not, our communication is perceived by others – positively or negatively. Rarely is communication considered neutral by others. How do you want to be perceived?   Having adopted a dog from my daughter…

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