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(How to Avoid) Assuming Facts Not in Evidence

It may sound overly formal, however “assuming facts not in evidence,” is a common term used in the practice of law that has resonance in our daily communications. In a trial, the term involves a witness answering a question relying upon a “fact” that has yet to be established in the trial. Thus, the witness…

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Owning the Communication: Using “I” Statements

“Words, words, words, I’m so sick of words . . .“ sang Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. In that work of art, the use of words and enunciation consistent with the so-called “Kings English,” were used by Professor Henry Higgins to take what he called a “gutter snipe” and transform her into a lady…

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Communication “How-to’s” for the Virtual Meeting Initiators

Thirty days ago, many of us were just learning to communicate virtually. Fast-forward one month, and we’ve all become experts! Maybe not experts; however, the comfort level has risen dramatically, and our once unscheduled days have become full of GoToMeetings, SKYPEs, Zooms, Google Chats and the like. I, for one, have three standing virtual meetings…

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