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notepad with leadership and communicaiton strategies

Leadership Communication: Strategies for Empowering Teams

During my career, I’ve learned that effective communication is not just about transmitting information; it’s about creating understanding, trust, and engagement. Below are my top leadership communication tips that have been pivotal in fostering a dynamic and productive work environment.

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less is more business meeting communication

“Less is More:” Four Communication Tips for Maximum Impact

In this era of communication at our fingertips, social media with limited characters, and 50,000-word business books (or 126 pages, and some say that’s too long), it’s imperative to make a point quickly, succinctly, and with maximum impact. Our “lizard” brains are impatient: if we don’t capture another’s attention within a short period of time,…

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acts and facts virtual workplace communication

Acts and Facts: A Workplace Communication Must

Over the many years whether working as a management employment lawyer, human resources executive or consultant I have read proposed disciplinary letters that include phrases such as “You are being given a verbal warning for unprofessional conduct;” or “your ongoing inappropriate behavior is unacceptable and if it happens again, you will be terminated,” among others. All come from a place of authenticity: the supervisors have observed conduct that is unacceptable in the specific workplace. However, something is missing: the underlying facts that led to those conclusions.

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delegation illustration

The Fine Art of Delegation: Five Vital Tips

All too frequently, supervisors and managers avoid delegating because “it’s easier to do it myself;” “it takes too long to explain,” “I can do it better anyway;” and, “isn’t it my job to do this?” These are four of the most common reasons managers give for sidestepping delegation.

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