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misunderstanding due to diversity and language

Diversity, Language & Miscommunication

Diversity is a wonderful thing. The benefits abound: a McKinsey study found that diverse boards of directors generate better returns and more money; a Tuft’s study concluded that diverse groups uncover more angles when serving on mock juries (which underscores the value all the more so); a combined study by Columbia, MIT, University of Texas-Dallas and Northwestern found that stock picks by diverse teams experienced 58%…

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Banish the Fear and Stress: Communication in the Covid-19 Era

In these turbulent times,* fear and stress can be our constant companions. This blog focuses not on whether we experience fear and stress; rather, how we communicate with others when feeling these emotions. *Last year, when I wrote Consequential Communication in Turbulent Times, a Practical Guide to Leadership, little did I know we would be…

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Walking the Dog: Communication Etiquette

Communication happens all the time, whether we know it or not, and whether we like it or not. And, whether intended or not, our communication is perceived by others – positively or negatively. Rarely is communication considered neutral by others. How do you want to be perceived?   Having adopted a dog from my daughter…

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The Dialogue of Delegation: Be Focused and Intentional

The ability to delegate is a key leadership competency. Yet, many supervisors and managers on the road to becoming valuable and valued leaders fail to do so. When asked why they don’t delegate the most common reasons are: “It’s easier to do it myself.” “It takes more time to explain what I want someone else…

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