“‘Can We All Just Get Along?’ Rodney King: Courageous Communication: A Return to Civility” is an essential guide for navigating today’s complex world. Addressing major shifts like the pandemic, social media’s rise, and global conflicts, this book delves into how these changes impact our interactions.

The author offers a hopeful message, emphasizing the potential for civil discourse despite societal divides. With practical strategies for bridging gaps, this easy-to-read book inspires readers to foster respect and unity in their communities.

A timely call to action, it encourages us all to contribute to a more understanding and civil society. Highly recommended for anyone eager to make a positive difference!

~ Andrew, Amazon Review

This book clearly delivers useful approaches to effective communication in all kinds of situations — business or personal. As a lawyer and corporate executive myself, I think this author knows what she is talking about.

~ Jasmina T. Boulanger, Amazon Review

Diana Peterson-More is a skilled organizational consultant and coach for individuals, teams, and corporations. She organized our teams’ roles, which more than doubled our net income. I highly recommend this book and the other Diana has written: Both are presented clearly and concisely, and will motivate you to make pragmatic changes to increase productivity.

~ Bill Ukropina EVP, & President, Commercial Division, Coldwell Banker Realty Pasadena

“Tired of incivility?  Like thousands of others, I am. Diana’s book provides pragmatic solutions from first-hand experience. Topics range from “Combatting the Lizard Brain,” to “Managing vs. Resolving Conflict.” As a university professor, I assign her current book, as required reading and study assignments. Nurturing a civil society mindset calls for the practices Diana has included in this must-read book.”

~ Sarah Smith Orr, Entrepreneur, University Faculty, Author, Leadership Scholar, Life Coach

“Through meticulous research and actionable strategies, this book offers an antidote to incivility, guiding readers towards more compassionate and effective communication.”

~ Julie Winkle Giulioni, Author, Virtual/Live Keynote Presenter. Inc.’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers